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Flat Belly Summer Challenge Day 1


The Marshalls at Craig Wedding

Happy summer everyone! I am so excited about the new beginnings a summer can bring for a teacher. It is a time we use to gain some rest from the crazy stressful time that is the end of the school year. It is a time where we can better ourselves intellectually by reading all of those books on our shelves that we have been neglecting. I plan on using my time to better myself physically as well. I am a Plexus Ambassador and I have been taking the Triplex, (Plexus slim pink drink, Probio5 probiotics, and our Biocleanse) for 3 months now. I have never felt so much energy! I was spending all day working at school and coming home to cook, clean, and start all over again without feeling exhausted. That has NEVER happened before Plexus.

Plexus Mom Fuel

This summer I have decided to start my June with the Flat Belly challenge.

Summer Shake Ingredients

It involves mixing your Plexus Slim with a package of P96 our all natural protein powder and 8oz. of Carrageenan free coconut milk. I was nervous about the way it would taste because I have taken other companies shakes before and they always left me with a chalky after taste. This was delicious you guys! I was completely full after I drank it and was ready to start my day!

Strawberry Banana Shake


I weighed myself in this morning and I was at 341.8. The thing about Plexus so far is I am losing inches before weight. I have already lost 2 dress sizes! Here are my most recent measurements and I will be taking them again at 2 weeks and again at 4. Please stick around to see where this health journey takes me. If you would like to order email me or message me through Facebook. I would love to have friends get healthy right along with me!



I couldn’t post without a more recent of picture of my boys. I am excited to get to spend some much needed mommy son time together this summer. Jase and I went to the library for the summer reading kick off yesterday. His goal is to read 1,000 minutes this summer. He is so competitive he wants us to time him constantly already! Tomorrow should be a wet and wild day. I get to go to the college softball tournament with my step dad! Here’s to hoping it doesn’t get completely washed out!

Sweet Boys


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