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12 Weeks Down 28 Weeks to Go!


12 Weeks

Your Baby in Week 12 of Pregnancy

By now, your baby weighs a full half-ounce and is about the size of a large plum. Most of his systems are in place, though there’s still plenty of maturing to do. For one thing, his fetal digestive system is beginning to practice contraction movements necessary for eating, and his bone marrow is busy making white blood cells — weapons against germs once he’s out of your safe haven. The pituitary gland (at the base of the brain) has started producing the hormones that’ll enable him (or her) to make babies of his (or her) own in a couple of decades or so.

Yes folks, that’s right…I am finally pregnant. We couldn’t be more thrilled to know we have a little pumpkin growing in the oven. 🙂 Little Jason wants a baby sister, but daddy is pretty sure we are having another boy. We will just have to wait and see. I am fairly sure we will find out the sex of the baby sometime in February. It would be nice to buy some ruffles and bows, but I will be happy with a happy healthy baby no mater what the sex.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and is gearing up for a fun new year! Here is our card we sent out this year. Happy Holidays from our house to yours!

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Dropping 20 Before Baby

Dropping 20 Before Baby

Hello! Welcome to my little corner of the web. Today’s post has gotten me very excited. I just got back from visiting with my doctor. I went in to ask several questions about the possibility of getting pregnant and what all I need to do to make a successful pregnancy happen. Read the rest of this entry