One Little Word 2015: Thrive

One Little Word 2015: Thrive

thrive   Two Thousand Fourteen was a year that brought a lot of change in to the Marshall household. Sometimes change is for the better. We built a brand new house from the ground up and while it certainly had it’s own set of stressors at times, ultimately we are so happy in our new home. I changed positions from an Administrative Intern, (an assistant principal without the admin pay), to go back in to the classroom and teach 5th graders. This brought it’s own set of challenges. I had to get back on the bike so to speak and re-learn how to be a teacher! My students are awesome and I love every single one of them. I am so happy I made the decision to go back. The only thing that makes me nervous is the high stakes testing. Fifth graders in Oklahoma are tested over EVERY subject not just Reading and Math like the other elementary grades. I feel a great deal of responsibility to make sure these students are ready to show the state what they know. I say all this to let you know that while 2014 was an amazing ride, I do believe I was busy learning how to Survive. How awful would life be if all we did was try to survive? I believe that our Creator made us to be the best possible beings we can, and part of that is learning to THRIVE in every situation.

When I looked up Thrive in the dictionary there were to possible definitions: 1. to grow or develop well, or vigorously 2. prosper; flourish. These were the synonyms they gave me: flourish, prosper, advance, succeed, bloom, blossom, and boom. There are several areas in my life that can benefit from learning to THRIVE.


Emotionally: I have recently been off of my anti-depressant medication and I feel that learning to THRIVE will help me get my emotions in check. Sometimes just journaling about my feelings on an incident is enough to make me feel better and recognize where I could have done better.


Spiritually: I have not done a very good job at connecting with my spiritual side in the past few years. I feel that it is important to keep myself balanced as a human being to be in tune with nature and all of the beauty that surrounds me on a daily basis. The Creator wants us to enjoy his creations.


Health: I have been content with trying to lose weight and exercise by doing the latest fads for too long. It is time to put my whole energy and effort in to doing what I know needs to be done, so I am not just merely eating to survive but to THRIVE. I want to run in 5ks this year. I would like to do a Warrior Dash in May, and my current Physical condition is NO WHERE near where it has to be for me to attempt something like that. I want to make small sustainable changes that will last for my life.


Creatively: I have been purchasing and collecting  A LOT of beautiful scrapbooking products, but I cannot tell you the last time I sat down and truly produced something that I can say I am proud of. I want to use what I have in 2015, and THRIVE creatively by getting our everyday stories told in my Pocket Scrapbooking.  My plan is to do weekly spreads this year and to add my personal creative touch to our everyday lives. I will be posting my weekly spreads here on the blog and on my Facebook page as well.


Relationships: Lastly, and what I think could be the most important area, I want to THRIVE in my relationships in 2015. I want to unplug more days and really be present with my children and just play. I want to hug my husband as soon as he walks in the door and let him know how much he is appreciated in our house. I want to call up a friend or send a hand written card to them just because I miss them. I want to really be forgiving with myself. I too often am wrapped up in things having to be just right or perfect and can’t let go when things don’t go the way I think they should. Sometimes that is just the way life goes and I need to learn to let it go and let it be.


These are my intentions for the new year. I hope you will join me in my journey. Feel free to check in and ask questions. Have you chosen a word for 2015? How will you make your self better this year?

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