Dallas Fort Worth Trip: Day 1 Chihuly Glass and Flowers Oh My!

Dallas Fort Worth Trip: Day 1 Chihuly Glass and Flowers Oh My!

I had an amazing time on our anniversary trip to Dallas & Fort Worth area. It was a great way to relax and get away from the busy happenings that life has thrown at us lately and just have a chance to focus on each other. A big thank you goes out to my daddy and his significant other for taking Jase and showing him an amazing time while his mommy and daddy were away.

Diamond and Papa Hart



This post will be extremely long because of the sheer number of beautiful pics I got. If you want to know the short version, we went to the Dallas Arboretum and saw the Chihuly glass exhibit. We went to the Crowe Asian Art Museum and to the sculpture garden. It was a lot of fun! Now if you want to brave the length keep reading πŸ™‚

We arrived in Fort Worth where our hotel was located on Thursday evening pretty late. Here a few iPhone pics of our room.

We had an in room kitchen so we went to Walmart and got our favorite goodies to snack on while we were there. It was great to be able to sleep in through breakfast but still have a snack in the morning before we went out for the day.


We got to share a Queen size bed much to Jason’s pleasure…we have a king at home and the queen forces me to cuddle πŸ˜‰


We had a lovely little seating area, and Jase could have slept here if he was with us. This hotel was a great find on Expedia and I highly recommend it! The Residence Inn by Marriott Fort Worth Alliance Airport was a great place to stay.


I found a restaurant that was featured on a Bobby Flay show on Food Network so Jason drove us there for lunch.


I was really excited! Jason hates it when I take these pics…he calls them my MYSPACE photos lol…he really does love me deep down πŸ˜‰


This was one of the really cool buildings we passed going downtown.


Unfortunately, the restaurant we went to was very lack luster. It was okay in the food department, but I guess I was just expecting more from a place that would be featured on the Food Network. I probably wouldn’t eat there again.After we finished, we had to go all the way to Dallas to the Arboretum. Here is the part where I admit that I did us a disservice by booking our hotel where I did. Yes, it was close to the motor speedway. Yes, it was very clean. Yes, it was a great price, but as far as it being in a central area where we could get around easily…that it was NOT! We had to go down Highway 114 in Dallas and boy was that a cluster. We got stuck on it more than once on our weekend adventure and I have to admit a few dirty words were said mainly towards the GPS because she kept “recalculating” with all of the construction. We would literally be on the highway in stop and go traffic for over an hour+. Not my idea of relaxing, but we managed.

I am so glad we braved all of the construction to get to the Arboretum. Out of all of the things we did it is my favorite. I feel so peaceful when I am out enjoying God’s creation. The fact that there was Chihuly glass everywhere made God’s creation even more beautiful and I was literally mesmerized by the beauty that surrounded me. Brace yourself for the beauty that follows…this will be the bulk of this post PICTURES!!!

Chihuly blew glass in Mexico and the red forms were made there. This is where they got the name Mexican Hats.


This is a good representation of the awesomeness of the scenery.


These were first on display at the Royal Botanic Gardens near London in 2005.


The Woman’s Garden. I love the purple.


These are called Mirrored Hornets. The artist would have to blow the glass in the mold and they would unscrew it for the glass to keep this shape.


Aqua Blue and Amber Chandelier


This was a really cool pond with Koi and lots of lilly pads.


Citron Green and Red Tower


This is the Sun on Red Maple Hill


Dallas Star


These are the zebra print reeds…I LOVED them πŸ™‚


The Yellow Icicle Tower is 30 feet tall and one of the most striking pieces in the collection.


Me and my HOT date πŸ™‚


These are the blue icicles on the welcoming wall. I didn’t even see them until we were leaving!

And now for all of the beauty in nature…

Us, 6 years and still lovin’ it!


Squirrel and Blue Jay say this is the best place to live!


I spy with my little eye…a dragon fly!


We called these flowers the Chickasha flowers. (Purple and gold are my hometown’s school colors)


I took this picture for my mother especially.


A beautiful bride was taking her pictures in the gardens that day.



God and his creation are so full of beauty.

So since this post has gotten SO extremely long, I think I will save the museum for another post on another day. If you are still here, thanks for braving the length with me I hope you weren’t disappointed by the adventure through the Dallas Arboretum.

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  2. I’m glad you had such a great time in Dallas – all I hear lately are people griping about the heat. I love the Chihuly exhibit at the Arboretum – I went there with a group to do photography – it was interesting to see how different our photos were. We each saw something different there.

    Your photos are great.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks for stopping by! Do you have your pictures posted somewhere that I could take a look at them? I would love to see a different perspective! As far as the heat, we are from Oklahoma so it wasn’t much different from what we have at home. πŸ™‚

  3. Hi Jessica, I just want to tell both you and your husband that I just happened to stumble onto your blogs because of the blog “Lantern Post” nominating your husband’s blog about meditation for an award. I live in Austin, TX now, but lived in Richardson, TX for over 25 years. My sister was married at the Arboretum and I used to volunteer there myself. It’s one of my favorite places in the whole world. I am very inspired by both yours and your husband’s blog. I am very new to blogging and now I love finding other blogs to read as examples. This glass exhibition is breath taking. Again, thank you!

  4. Reblogged this on kimberlypatrice and commented:
    I have a couple of different personal connections to the Dallas Arboretum where these glass sculptures make their home. My sister was married there and I volunteered there back in 1995. I volunteered there during the Autumn of ’95 and I took my five year old daughter along because I worked in the kid’s exhibits. As we left for the day my five year old looked up at me and thanked me for bringing here because it wasn’t just …fun, but it was like the memory of it would always be a gift. (From the mouths of babes.)

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