Dropping 20 Before Baby

Dropping 20 Before Baby

Hello! Welcome to my little corner of the web. Today’s post has gotten me very excited. I just got back from visiting with my doctor. I went in to ask several questions about the possibility of getting pregnant and what all I need to do to make a successful pregnancy happen.

This was not long after I found out I was pregnant with Jase. It was right at the end of my first trimester I weighed around 250.


With Jase I gained about 60 pounds and I haven’t lost anything. In fact, I have actually gained more weight since. I am now up to 327 pounds. So with this extra weight I have been worried about possibly getting pregnant again. I went and got my blood work done, and I am perfectly healthy except for the extra weight I am carrying! This was good news! The only thing is I am at a higher chance to develop problems during pregnancy if I gain more weight.


This picture is towards the end of my pregnancy with Jase, I weighed around 290 here.


So I have made the appointment to have my IUD taken out and for us to actually start trying to conceive! I am very excited! In the meantime, to help aid in this process I am going to make a goal of losing 20 pounds by August 7th. I know I can accomplish it if I put my mind to it. Jason is going to help me and I am absolutely thrilled to be moving on to this next chapter in our lives.


I would love to hear any and all tips you guys have for losing weight and staying healthy while pregnant. Expect more updates on this in the very near future!

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    • Thank you. I am not pregnant yet so hopefully it will be a little easier to lose the first 20 pounds, then if I can just maintain my weight through the pregnancy I can continue my journey after the baby is born. Thanks for stopping by!

  1. Congrats for sharing your story. You can totally do this. I am on the other end of baby #2 and loosing 20 too! The thing that works for me is to eat for fuel ..protein, fruits and veggies. If it’s in these categories I have as much as I want. That includes eggs, cheese, etc. Once I cut out the breads and sweets (all the yummy things with sugar) its so easy to manage. I may still have a price of toast but only once a week because if I stick to the whole foods its easier to manage my calories. Good luck! I’d be thrilled if I could loose the last 10 by Aug 7th. I’m gonna add two more days of light cardio, walking our dogs. Can’t wait to see your progress!!

    • I like your plan. I just have to be able to work my meals and snacks into my busy schedule which might mean weekend cooking for me 🙂 I plan on continuing my walk training and adding some resistance training in as well 2-3 days a week. Thanks for stopping by!

      • Yeah the nice thing about it is you can totally have snacks too. I do a morning and an afternoon one. Livestrong was great for tracking too. Another key thing that’s helped me is to cut out the after dinner snack. You don’t need it, I figure I better go to bed before I get hungry again. (which is not an option when pregnant for me, I had to have a snack at bedtime to make it through the night. haha). If it’s a day where I am going to do a long workout first thing in the morning I eat something before so that I”ll be able to sustain the workout.

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