Project Organization: Jase’s Room Redo


Raise your hand if you are a parent to a precious little boy!!!

<~~~~~~Raises her hand.

Jase before our zoo trip.

I love my little man so much! I don’t know about you other moms, but I feel like my son has enough toys to play with one for a day for a whole year and never repeat! I started thinking that was a little much. Both Jase and I were very frustrated having to keep everything picked up and organized, so that told me it was time for a donation sweep. I forgot to take before pictures in his room, but here are the amazing afters:

Here is the room from the doorway…

This is the room from Jase’s doorway.


We live in a 2 bedroom house, so while Jase is in his big boy bead, we can’t put the crib down because we are planning on having another baby in the near future, and they will have to share a room. The closet behind the bed is Jase’s toy closet.


Tubs of toys and such.


The tub on the left has all of Jase’s large trucks, cars, and tractors. He is really big on cars so I didn’t give very many of them away. I mostly went through and got rid of many of the toys that weren’t age appropriate anymore, or ones he hasn’t played with in 3 months. The basket on the left tub has a few puzzles and a sesame street game pack. He has a couple of leap frog computers that he keeps on top of this tub as well. The cubbies in the middle house the matchbox cars in the top basket. You will also see his pink microphone…yes he is my child 🙂 The center cubbie has all of his action figures, and the bottom cubbie has room to grow. The toy tub on the right side is full of his race car tracks and remote control cars. Like I said we are a CAR house right now.


This is his dresser that has all of his clothes.


This is little man’s dresser that has all of his clothes that currently fit. Unfortunately the top of this dresser tends to be a catch all sometimes, so I went through and reorganized the drawers and tried to make room to fit everything so maybe I could prevent the catch all situation in the future. The blue basket contains all of his shoes.

And now the main reason I started this makeover…

I made this book shelf out of the cubbies that held his toys in his closet.


Jase has come to me in the past 3 weeks and had me go get books for him to read from his room because the way we had things organized before he couldn’t reach them. I am so thankful that with the help of our chosen family Jase has developed a true love of reading. He would read every book he has every day if we had the time. Now, he can see all the books he owns and they are all readily available to him whenever he gets the itch to read 🙂 The basket in the cubby holds his TAG book. The wagon beside the shelf holds all of his balls, and he has a Lightning McQueen chair with a special lap desk made just for him by his grandma Betty.


I am enjoying this organizing so much! My next project will be a little more time consuming. I am going to be working on our storage closet in the garage. I appreciate you reading SweetNScrappy. If you like what you read please subscribe, share on your favorite network sites, and tell your friends!


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