Project Organized Summer

Project Organized Summer

I love this man 🙂

First of all, can I get a woot woot? It is officially the start of my summer vacation! I finally got my entire room in Ninnekah packed up and everything that was mine is now in boxes in a mound in my garage. Why did I have to bring everything home you ask? Well, I have accepted a position as the new administrative intern at Bill Wallace Early Childhood Center in Chickasha for the next school year. I am super excited about the potential the future holds, but I am frustrated with the mess in my garage. Not only do I have a pile of boxes in my garage, but my entire house is in need of some serious hoarder intervention  TLC after being neglected all school year. One of my major goals for this summer is to get a good deep clean done on the entire house, then to put a regular cleaning schedule put in to place so I can keep up with it when school starts again in the fall.


Now, without further ado, I give you the embarassing pictures of my closet. I have been climbing over bags and shoe boxes for a good month now. I am tired of it, so the closet is where I decided to start. Here are the before pictures.

This is the side of the closet I want to keep all of my jackets and purses on.

This is one of 2 shelves I have in my closet for undies, bras, night gowns, and workout gear.

Can you see the mess in the floor?


So come back tomorrow to see what 4 hours of work, 4 loads of laundry, 2 bags of trash, and 3 bags for donation will do to a closet.